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Calgary Reads

Recently I got to know about this fantastic initiative, it is called Calgary Reads, and it focuses in motivating kids of different ages to enjoy reading!

I honestly found it fascinating! Showing kids how amazing and entertaining can be reading a book to create a whole new world where the only limit is their own imagination, is a life changing experience for the kids, but also for all the people involved in the process.

In fall (after some training) I will start reading for 30 minutes a week to two kindergarten students. For now I will be only reading to kids in English. But Calgary reads is in the study phase of reading in other languages, so hopefully in the future they will accept volunteers for Spanish. This aspects touch me personally in different levels. When I was living in LA I met several Latin Americans that have kids but never taught Spanish to their kids, and I always found this so restrictive for the new generations, being bilingual (whether it is English and Spanish, or Klingon and Elvish) opens many different future possibilities and for sure helps to use our fantastic brain abilities in a more efficient way.

Check this project here:

And for my Calgarian friends, Calgary reads has several several ways to receive book donations included an awesome "Annual book sale". Yo can find all the info in their webpage above!

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