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AOS-UCLA XEP Student Association

During the last year of my PhD at UCLA I was the vice president of the students in my department. There I has the opportunity to work for and with the most amazing and motivated group of people. From students to faculty, we got everyone enganged in making the department a more social and collaborative environment.

2015-2016 Board. From Left to Right: (Top) Boyi, Rose, Dilhara, Kathleen, Julia, Marla, David, Victor, Tersi, Wu (Bottom) Bea, Baird, Yi-Hung, Daniel

Some of our main activities for the 2015-2016 academic year included a "Mentorship program" where the more senior graduate students in the department helped and guided the first year grad students (we all know how overwhelming it can get). In adition , we designed a student survey to evaluate the many good things in the department and how to make it even better (academically, socially and with respect to information about all our future career options). We organized plenty of social activities for students. postdocs, researchers and faculty.

More information in this link:

(I highly recommend to check out the photo gallery with all our amazing events)

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