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STEM para todas

On February 2020 I had the amazing opportunity to present at an activity to motivate young Peruvian girls to get into STEM careers. The activity was called "STEM para Todas" or "STEM for all."

(More info below)

I had the opportunity to tell the girls about my path that led me to study physics in the first place and I how I got to work at NASA. I am always excited to share my story with young people, especially underrepresented minorities, and tell them that although the path is not always easy, IT ISN'T IMPOSSIBLE!

During this talk I told them about my experiences during my PhD and how I was lucky to have people that supported me all the time. I also had the chance to talk a little bit about my work on the aurorae and they were really curious to learn more.

Below is a picture of one of my fun slides in Spanish :)


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